After the world watched in horror Friday night as coordinated terrorist attacks were carried out across Paris, the political conversation in the U.S. has shifted toward one question: How will we deal with ISIS, the group who perpetrated these attacks?

In fact, the first task for the Democratic presidential candidates in the second debate was described by moderator John Dickerson like this: “You will each have one minute for an opening statement to share your thoughts about the attacks in your Paris and lay out your visions for America.”

Hillary Clinton described ISIS as “the leading threat of an international terror network” while Bernie Sanders called the group “barbarous” and Martin O’Malley described them as “an evil in this world.”

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But one candidate had gone all-in on the fight against ISIS long before any Democrat or even his fellow Republicans. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, who is polling near 0 percent, said as far back as last summer that the U.S. needs to send troops into Syria to attacks ISIS.

Agree or disagree with his policies, Graham has provided some of his signature spice when talking about ISIS, referring to them as “bastards” and even going so far as to suggest that voters don’t choose him if they are tired of war.


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