U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) Wednesday, Oct. 7, toured flood damage across this state.  He said:

“It’s been an incredible experience touring South Carolina to see the devastation wrought by these floods.“While the storm did tremendous damage, it was heartwarming to see the people of our state picking one another up and lending a helping hand to a friend in need.“I stopped by a Red Cross shelter, South Carolina Emergency Management control center, took an aerial tour of areas devastated by the floods, and visited a neighborhood in Columbia which faced some of the worst flooding. In their community a dam broke and waters 8-12 feet high came rushing in. Their homes were flooded with water but they are now picking up the pieces and moving forward. The neighborhood was full of friends and volunteers lending a helping hand.

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“While this storm has done great physical damage, it has certainly not broken our spirit.

“Today it was both heartbreaking and heartwarming to see the worst of Mother Nature’s wrath meeting the best of humanity in South Carolina.”

Source: http://thetandd.com/promo/lindsey-graham-tours-flood-damage/collection_7137198c-6dfd-11e5-be1b-3769e5ddc492.html#0

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