U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said if he’s elected president, he’d put ISIS on the run to the far points of the Earth.

“I would be on their ass morning, noon and night,” Graham said Friday during a forum on national defense at the College of Charleston.

The Syrian-based terror group is now rich, strong and entrenched, he said. Under his administration “they are going to be small, they are going to be poor and they are going to be on the run,” Graham told about 140 students and other attendees on campus.

Graham, R-S.C., was the guest of Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security, which is providing platforms for all the candidates to discuss their positions on national defense matters and other global issues.

Graham, who’s been at the bottom of most presidential polling, has repeatedly said he has the most foreign policy experience of the 15 Republicans in the GOP mix.

If the 2016 election isn’t about national security, “then we’ve missed the boat,” he said.

During the forum he repeatedly called for strengthening the military, saying it has become weak and been misused by President Barack Obama.

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He also took aim at GOP rival Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has said U.S. military base closure efforts should not be abandoned to save money.

Graham said that if he’s elected, the days of closing bases is over. “This is not the 1990s, John,” he said. “There’s no peace dividend to be gained.”

Graham repeated his stance that it will take American boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria to realistically have a chance of diminishing ISIS. He also called Obama weak in his dealings with Iran on the recently completed nuclear deal and with China on its computer hacking.

This was Graham’s first appearance in the Charleston area in months as he has spent the bulk of his campaigning in early voting states Iowa and New Hampshire.

Source: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20150925/PC1603/150929551

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