South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says he fears a “second Holocaust” will come to Israel should the Iranian government acquire a nuclear weapon, something Graham has says will be a direct consequence of the Iranian nuclear deal.
“Well, I think the ayatollah in Iran is a religious Nazi,” Graham said this weekend during an interview with Rita Cosby on WABC Radio. “I think he has a fanatical view of Islam, that he’s an outlier. The Iranian people want a better life. In 2009, they rose up only to be shot down. President Obama has shown a level of incompetency about Iran and Syria and the region that’s scary. John Kerry, our secretary of state, is delusional when it comes to understanding the ayatollah and Russia and Assad.”
Graham has said the nuclear deal struck with Iran ensures “that with the mere passage of time, Iran will become a nuclear nation.”
“So, from an Israel point of view, you’ve taken their chief antagonist, the ayatollah, who openly avows ‘death to Israel, death to America,’” continued Graham. “They’ve given him a hundred billion dollars to buy more weapons, to build a missile in eight years and a pathway to a bomb in fifteen, even if he doesn’t cheat. This is the nightmare of all nightmares for Israel, for Iran to be in the hands of a religious theocracy and to have the capability to destroy Israel and to wreak havoc on the region. I understand where the prime minister’s coming from.”
Graham he was “afraid” the Iranian government would use a nuclear weapon if they had one.
“This really is a game changer in all the worst ways and when they say, ‘never again’ in Israel, they mean no second Holocaust,” added Graham. “If the ayatollah ever acquires a nuclear capability, I’m afraid he’ll use it and that’s why the prime minister’s telling us, ‘how could you as a world give this man a hundred billion dollars to let him buy more weapons, let him have an industrial sized enrichment program to make a nuclear weapon one day? How could you do that to yourselves and Israel 70 years after the end of first war and the first Holocaust?’”

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