(South Carolina)  — A Super PAC supporting Senator Lindsey Graham for President, Security is Strength PAC, released an ad showing Graham’s accurate warnings that a terrorist attack was imminent in America, well before the San Bernardino attack.

Graham is shown in the ad criticizing President Obama as “derelict in his duties,” and stating that Graham understands this war better than both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The ad takes direct aim at Donald Trump, pitting Graham’s military experience against Trump and calling him “a real estate tycoon.”

The ad uses Graham’s television appearances from as early as 2010 through 2015. It includes Graham’s early warning, “It is only a matter of time that we will have a big attack unless we change our policies. We either fight them over there or they are coming here.”

“Since December of 2010, Senator Graham has repeatedly warned that America will pay the price for this Administration’s misguided policy of ‘leading from behind.’” We have now gone from Obama’s bad policies putting American lives at risk to Donald Trump’s inexperienced rhetoric putting American lives at risk. Frankly, both are just as dangerous,” said Andrew King, Executive Director of Security Is Strength PAC.

The ad can be seen here: https://youtu.be/cIYrWbX4X1U. The ad is also featured on the Security is Strength PAC website at: http://www.securityisstrengthpac.com.