October 28, 2016
Contact: Andrew King
SIS PAC Releases digital ad buy in NH supporting Senator Ayotte

(South Carolina) — Security is Strength PAC, having recently supported Senator Lindsey Graham’s presidential effort, is launching its third ad in New Hampshire supporting Senator Kelly Ayotte. This buy is exclusively focused on digital advertising and will run through Election Day.

The digital advertising includes a video highlighting Senator Ayotte’s commitment to keeping terrorists locked up and off the battlefield. Advertising will focus exclusively on Hillsborough and Rockingham counties with targeting on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

“As we have highlighted in our previous ads, Senator Ayotte is a critical voice on National Security issues and this is a continued effort to drive that point home” said Andrew King, Executive Director of Security is Strength PAC

“Our focus is to help retain the Republican Majority in the United States Senate and there is no more important race in the country then the re-election of Senator Ayotte”, said King.

The ad can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHoruLDqeu0 as well as the Security is Strength PAC website at: http://www.securityisstrengthpac.com.