Security is Strength PAC, the Super PAC supporting Senator Lindsey Graham for President will release a television ad tomorrow responding to the Fox Business Network snubbing of Senator Graham in Tuesday’s debate.

One the eve of Veterans Day, the thirty-second ad highlights Senator Graham’s 30 plus years of military service and his strong voice on foreign policy issues.

“Fox News decided to use an NBC/WSJ poll that did not even include Senator Graham’s name (among others) in the polling. While national polling is flawed relative to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to begin with, the criterion used was unfair and skewed to the frontrunners. Senator Graham brings a critical voice to this race and for Fox Business Network to silence him is a disservice to all Veterans.

Without national security, we do not have economic security. Senator Graham is the only candidate with a realistic plan to defeat ISIL. It should not be lost that our past two nominees (John McCain and Mitt Romney) have both called for Senator Graham’s voice to be heard on the debate stage. It’s time for the media to stop picking winners and losers and let the people hear and decide for themselves”, said Andrew King, Executive Director of Security Is Strength PAC.

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The ad can be seen here as well as the Security is Strength PAC website at:

The ad is scheduled to air in Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and on the following national television networks: Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, MSNBC and CNN.

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