The one bright candidate running for U.S. President in the Republican primary is U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham. I say this not because others may believe I’m nuts, but because Graham is the one person, who has the temerity to speak his mind while addressing the big issues of the day such as the national debt; immigration, especially on the issue of the “anchor babies;” rebuilding our armed services; fighting Isis; global warming; etc.

Graham meets these challenges head on, not skirting them. While some of the glitterati candidates are getting the most ink in the media and on cable, Graham is plodding along meeting the voters and stating his positions, which may not always be what people want to hear, but Graham is earnest and makes his point on what he believes is best for the United States.

Take a moment and look the senator’s record, to be brief due to space; with Graham’s no nonsense fighting spirit, he leads in the fight: against Obamacare; to build up our national defense; tackle the national debt; will not give up on the battle of Benghazi; cut taxes for small businesses; spur the economy through fair trade practices; use the Reagan methodology in cutting taxes for every one.

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Finally, Graham is a fierce defender of America-first attitude, and a person who will not back down from a fight. Take a moment and listen to what Graham has to say and you will find him indefatigable, talented, smart, quick on his feet, dynamic, and at times funny.


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