Jaime Harrison – Part of the DC SWAMP!

Why are DC and California liberals attacking Senator Lindsey Graham and working to elect Jaime Harrison?

Because they know that Jaime Harrison will rubber stamp their leftist agenda, kill South Carolina Jobs, and support their crusade against President Trump!

Are you ready to re-elect Lindsey Graham?

Do you plan to vote absentee this election?


Jaime Harrison claims that he is a political outsider without connections to the corrupt Democrats that make up the DC swamp, but that is simply untrue! In addition to his shady record as a lobbyist where he helped secure government bailouts for big banks, Harrison spent years making over $270,000 annually working for the Democratic National Committee. During this time Harrison worked closely with some of the most corrupt politicians in America – Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and even Crooked Hillary Clinton!

Jaime’s record as a DNC crony makes one thing abundantly clear – Jaime Harrison isn’t just part of the DC swamp, he IS the DC swamp!

Jaime Harrison and his friends in Washington DC don’t want you to see this ad, donate today to keep it up and expose Harrison for the SWAMP CREATURE he is!