Defending our president
"We're not going to allow Democrats in the House to destroy President Trump in a sham process!"

I hope you’re on the Supreme Court. That’s exactly where you should be. And I hope that the American people will see through this charade. And I wish you well. You well. And I intend to vote for you, and I hope everybody who’s fair minded will.

Senator Graham

Senator Graham is a stalwart, go-to lawmaker on right-to-life issues because he never wavered on life issues, Senator Graham has been recognized as our Legislator of the Year.

National Right to Life

The National Association of Manufacturers is proud to stand with lawmakers like Senator Graham who understand what is at stake and seek to implement policies that will foster innovation, growth and competitiveness.

National Association of Manufacturers

I’ve been told I should shut up, but I will not shut up, if that’s OK.

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