The numbers are in- and Lindsey Graham has an early lead over Jaime Harrison in 2020 polls

In September, a PAC supporting Lindsey Graham’s 202 Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison commissioned a poll that showed Harrison trailing Graham by a mere 7 percentage points. Such a narrow margin raised questions about the validity of the poll amongst many South Carolina residents. In response, a new survey was conducted by Benchmark Research in mid October, producing the results that voters expected to see the first time, with 53% of those surveyed supporting incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham, versus only 30% supporting Democratic challenger Jamie Harrison.

The same poll also showed 50% of South Carolina voters approve of Graham’s job in Congress, compared to 36% who disapprove.

“On the whole, South Carolinians are happy about the direction of our state and support our elected leadership on the state and federal levels,” said Walter Whetsell, president of Benchmark Research. “Additionally, voters here support his strong stance on illegal immigration and want to see the border wall completed.”

When asked whether they support or oppose building a wall across the entire U.S.-Mexico border to “try and stop illegal immigration,” 56% of South Carolina voters said they support the construction, versus 41% who oppose it. Another 3% said they were unsure.

These early numbers are looking good for Senator Graham, but election day is still a year away and a lot can change, especially with Jaime Harrison, who has tapped into a network of Liberal California donors to raise over $2.2 million early in his candidacy.

South Carolinians cannot afford to let a Democrat controlled by the West Coast Liberal elite to take office and erode our state’s values! Stand up to the Democrats with donation to Security Is Strength PAC today to ensure that your way of life is protected in 2020!

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