Lindsey Graham Launches Probe Investigation Into Bidens

Senator Lindsey Graham is done waiting for Adam Schiff or the Democratic controlled House to do something about the Bidens. Acting on President Trump’s concerns, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham has launched a probe into Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and their dealings with Ukranian Gas Company Burisma Holdings.

Graham sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting documents to help find out whether former Vice President Joe Biden played a role in the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor, where an investigation was therefore abruptly ended into Burisma Holdings.

Senator Graham is putting special focus on the phone calls Joe Biden had with former Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko. It is alleged that Biden put pressure on Ukraine to fire the lead prosecutor because it would’ve uncovered his corruption and conflict of interest. His son, Hunter Biden, was on the board of Burisma.

Lindsey Graham’s spokeswoman explained why he needed to act. “Adam Schiff and the House Intel Committee have made it clear they will not look into the issues about Hunter Biden and Burisma. Graham is requesting documents which could shed additional light on that issue and hopes they will be able to answer some of the outstanding questions.”

Adam Schiff has said numerous times he won’t let Hunter Biden testify. Schiff won’t even let the public know who the whistleblower is. Schiff is protecting his Democratic allies because he knows they would be completely exposed if they had to testify under oath. It’s yet another example of why the entire impeachment inquiry into the President is a SHAM.

In its article about the probe, Washington Post called Graham, “One of Trump’s fiercest defenders on Capitol Hill.” Lindsey Graham is sticking by the president, and carrying the torch of the Republican counter to the impeachment inquiry.

Sign our Security is Strength petition today if you agree with Senator Graham that it’s time to get to the bottom of the Biden’s corruption!

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