The “Biden Center” at the University of Pennsylvania has accepted around $70 million in Chinese gifts since 2017 and failed to disclose these funds to the federal government.  US law requires foreign gifts that are over $250,000 to be reported and the donors to be identified in order to ensure national security.  Biden’s relationship with China is undoubtedly linked to these massive donations. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has been one of the strongest allies of President Trump and has openly criticized Joe Biden on many occasions.  Recently, Graham called for Biden to release all records related to Tara Reade allegations, and criticized the candidate’s remarks toward black conservatives.  Biden’s affiliation with China is another major concern for national security and the ability for the candidate to always keep American interests as his top priority. 

The national Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed a complaint with the Department of Education to raise concerns regarding the lack of disclosures.  The group also noted that $22 million of the donations were listed as “anonymous”.  These funds were actually funneled by the Chinese Communist Party. 

Biden has a well documented history of sketchy dealings with Chinese officials, and he is gaining favors for many of the groups he is affiliated with.  Graham, along with President Trump and other GOP officials, have pushed for China to be held responsible for their negligence surrounding COVID-19.  It is hard to imagine that Biden would be as aggressive as he has proven to have many “allies” in Chinese leadership positions. 

The “Biden Center” claims in their mission statement that they are devoted to an open and secure interconnected world.  Apparently, this means that their organization is so connected to China that they use their money to fund the entire operation.  Lindsey Graham will continue to expose Joe Biden and his history of corruption that is sure to continue if he wins the presidency. 

Lindsey Graham has the back of all Americans and will always fight against the continued abuse of power by democratic representatives.  Donate to Security is Strength to show your support for Senator Graham!