For too long, China has been taking advantage of the United States. The Achilles heel for years was poor leadership in the White House, but that changed in 2016 when the silent majority chose the man who demanded fair trade deals with an America first policy.

President’s Trump’s number one ally when it comes to holding China accountable has been Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham expanded on his unrelentless effort to do so on Fox News Monday night.

He has come up with a list of demands for China to follow after its country’s grossly incompetent decision-making, and doing nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China.

He is first demanding a full-scale investigation into how the virus started and spread throughout China. Chinese authorities have been lying from the start, and are continuing to tout numbers that do not add up. Despite 11 million people living in Wuhan, China there were only 3,869 reported deaths. New York City is nearing 18,000 deaths, despite its population being 3 million less people.

“That is Chinese Communist party B.S.” said Graham in response. Lindsey Graham is also demanding that the country close all of its wet markets immediately. Many believe that the wet markets, where live exotic animals are sold (in filthy conditions), is where the coronavirus originated. Chinese wet markets have been responsible for other past epidemics.

Senator Graham is also calling for the immediate release of jailed protesters in Hong Kong. They had been having large scale protests calling for democracy and more free speech, but Chinese authorities have kept most of them locked up, using COVID-19 as an excuse and distraction.

Lindsey Graham and President Trump can’t do it alone though. He is calling on the Democrats to join him in Congress so the strongest possible message is sent to the Chinese Communist regime.

“So, to the Democratic Party, join me and President Trump and all Republicans to send a signal to China: Business as usual is over until you change your behavior.”-Lindsey Graham

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