2020 fundraising numbers for Quarter 1 of South Carolina’s Senate race are out, and they show a massive out-of-state haul for the swamp-creature Jaime Harrison. Harrison raised $7.36 million in the first quarter, almost $2 million more than Senator Lindsey Graham.

Considering how weak the state party is for South Carolina Democrats, it means that Harrison is being lifted by out-of-state donors! One of those out-of-state actors that was happy to hear about the fundraising news was none other than Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Quoting an article reporting on the Q1 numbers, Hillary said on Twitter, “Incredible news: @HarrisonJaime has outraised Lindsey Graham in his race to replace Graham in the Senate—the first time Graham has been outraised in his entire career. Let’s keep it going and flip the Senate.”

Crooked Hillary already had her hand on the lever back in July 2019, when her PAC “Onward Together” donated to Harrison’s campaign, as campaign finance reports show.

It’s no surprise Crooked Hillary is backing Harrison- he voted for her in 2016. He was deeply entrenched in the DNC during her 2016 presidential run, but his efforts didn’t translate into votes as Hillary still got crushed in the state four years ago.

A quick glance through Jaime Harrison’s fundraising report shows a repeating pattern. Most of his donations are from out-of-state. That means liberals in Massachusetts, California, New York, and other states are trying to choose for South Carolinians who should represent them in the Senate.

The Palmetto State already decided four years ago that they’re not interested in Crooked Hillary’s politics or ties: so why is Jaime Harrison accepting support from someone like Hillary Clinton?

South Carolinians should be deciding who they send to the Senate, NOT Hillary Clinton and liberal out-of-state donors.

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