When no one else decided to carry the torch, Senator Lindsey Graham stepped up and delivered a clear message: we must protect the unborn. That’s why he championed a strongly pro-life bill this week, called the Pain-Capable Unborn Act. The bill would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks, as well as provide medical care to any baby that survives an abortion.

In what should’ve been a unifying moment for the Senate to finally pass the most pro-life bill ever seen, Democrats decided to block the bill. Democrats failed to deliver for the unborn, and proved yet again their moral compasses are nowhere to be seen.

It was not surprising but still disappointing that not even seven Democrats could vote for Graham’s bill, which needed 60 votes to pass. Planned Parenthood has been slushing money into Democratic candidates for years, making sure that they fall in line when bills like the PCUA come up.

In a tweet Tuesday, Lindsey Graham highlighted an important and disturbing point. “There are only seven countries that allow wholesale abortions at the 20-week period, including China and North Korea. The United States should NOT be in that club.”

At 20 weeks, scientific evidence has shown that abortion inflicts pain on the unborn. According to Lindsey Graham’s website, anesthesia is administered directly to the unborn child in second-trimester fetal surgery. The unborn child shows physical, chemical, brain, and stress responses demonstrating pain at this stage of development.

The bill may not have passed, but the fight is far from over for the right to life. That’s why it’s crucial that Senators like Lindsey Graham remain in office to make sure anti-life politicians have to constantly be challenged on their radical positions.

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