Five of the top Democratic Presidential candidates for 2020 have come forward with their plans to expand the Supreme Court with hopes that it will negate the great work that President Trump, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of the Republican party have done at nominating conservative judges since 2016.

These candidates hope that if they win in 2020, they will be able to expand the Supreme Court and fill it with Liberal justices to offset the strong Conservative majority that resides on the Nation’s highest court.

On twitter, Senator Graham pointed out the irony of the Democrats trying to increase the size of the Supreme Court while simultaneously advocating for gutting US Military spending which would put the United States at risk. This is just the latest example of Democrats putting American safety aside to further their own political agendas!

Senator Graham, who is a US Air Force Veteran and currently the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee recognizes the importance of both keeping a conservative majority on the Supreme Court and keeping the US military strong!

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