Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz Save the Day

Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz played a key role in getting swing votes in the Senate to vote against calling more witnesses in the Democrat-led shampeachment of President Trump.

On Friday, Senator Graham joined Ted Cruz’s podcast “Verdict” along with Cruz’s co-host, Michael Knowles of the Daily wire, to discuss how they were able to get Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Lisa Murkowski (I-AK) to vote against calling more witnesses and prolonging the impeachment fiasco.

“It really came down to we knew we had 47 Democrats who wanted more witnesses. Why? Because they knew they hadn’t proven the case, they’re losing, and so the only hope they have is [to] extend it, go on a fishing expedition and see if they can find something,” Cruz explained. “The big, open question was: Were four Republicans going to join them? We knew that two Republicans were – they’d announced it already – Mitt Romney and Susan Collins with [Democrats]. There were two other senators in play, Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski and it was close. Last night, Lamar announced that he was going to come out and say, ‘Enough is enough’ and we got a final decision from Lisa today just a few minutes before she voted.”

Senator Graham described the “Pandora’s box” that would be opened if additional witnesses were allowed to testify in the Senate’s trial: “So, what would happen if you called witnesses? It’d be a sh*tshow. You’re not just going to call John Bolton. If you’re going to call a witness, we’re going to call all the witnesses. Wouldn’t you want to know a little bit about the Bidens?”

“Ted made a very eloquent argument that it throws the courts into chaos,” Graham continued. “It would be the first impeachment in history where executive privilege would be decided by the United States Senate; that if you call one witness, you’re going to call a bunch of witnesses; the president didn’t get to call one witness in the House. The whole idea of legitimizing an impeachment in the House that took 78 days. You can’t get a parking ticket [taken care of] in 78 days if you contest it.”

Graham continued by describing how he and Cruz approached Senators Alexander and Murkowski: “Don’t legitimize this. Don’t do their work for them. They’re accusing you of being unfair because you did not call a witness they chose not to call. Why didn’t they call John Bolton? Because it would be inconvenient; they couldn’t impeach the president by Christmas. That’s not a good reason to ignore the courts.”

Cruz said the “pivotal moment” came on Wednesday, when Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) spoke about having Bolton testify.

“Adam Schiff made a mistake,” Cruz said. “He was standing up, arguing, and he said. ‘Listen, the White House defense team have made John Bolton relevant because they have contradicted what he said.’ And then he threw a little aside, he said, ‘If they’d have stipulated to it, then they’d have an argument.'”

“This idea of if you stipulate to a quid pro quo, if you agree, even if there isn’t a quid pro quo, we win, that might get their vote,” Cruz suggested. “That might give them a ground to be comfortable.”

The following day Senator Graham posed a question to Alexander and Murkowski: ” if Bolton testifies and everything he says is true, that there was a quid pro quo, is that an impeachable offense?”

“And the White House lawyers – they didn’t want to go down this road. They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this point and I’ll tell you, there was some kicking and screaming that Lindsey and I were both engaged with,” Cruz said. “But they got up and they gave the answer – the most important – and said, ‘Look, even if he testifies, even if he says it was a quid pro quo, it doesn’t change that it’s an impeachable offense, which means his testimony isn’t necessary.’”

Graham followed this question up by asking:

“If we call John Bolton now, won’t the president raise executive privilege? Because if he doesn’t, he forfeits that for future protests. Do we as senators destroy the privilege? It would be the first impeachment in history where there was no court access.”

“What happens if we try to capture this testimony?” Graham continued. “The president was denied the chance to go to court in the House, they shut him out. What if we say now we want to call him for a new reason and if he asks to go to court… it might be the first time in history the president was impeached without trying to avail the courts.”

Eventually, Senators Alexander and Murkowski voted against allowing more witnesses, essentially ending the impeachment efforts of the Democrats. While explaining why she decided to vote against calling more witnesses, the Murkowski said it had “become clear some of my colleagues intend to further politicize this process, and drag the Supreme Court into the fray, while attacking the Chief Justice.”

“I will not stand for nor support that effort. We have already degraded this institution for partisan political benefit, and I will not enable those who wish to pull down another,” Murkowski said. “We are sadly at a low point of division in this country.”

Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz bravely led the charge to defend an innocent man from unfounded accusations and lies perpetuated by the Democrats. Let them know you are proud of them and have their back by signing this petition today:

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