Graham Gets the Point.

Since before he took the oath of office, President Trump has been under siege by Left Wing radicals, the Washington Swamp, and the U.S Media. Now as President Trump has sought to protect and heal American in the midst of unparalleled crisis, the media has again sought to exploit the moment to undermine the President.

In response to the media’s overhyped comments by former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Senator Lindsey Graham said  “…I think you’re missing something here, my friend, You’re missing the fact that the liberal media has taken every event in the last three and a half years and laid it at the president’s feet.”

Senator Graham knows what Jim Mattis is missing and he knows what the left-wing media is trying to do. Graham gets the point, while some Republicans have turned their back on President Trump, Lindsey Graham has been there for the President and for the Conservative cause.

Lindsey Graham and President Trump get the point and so do you!

Sign our petition to Support Lindsey Graham and President Trump today, we can’t afford to wait.

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