Lindsey Graham Fights to Give Americans Their Day in Court

The lies and reckless actions of the Chinese Government have cost American’s dearly. Families have seen their savings wiped out and business have been forced to close all while their friends and neighbors perished from an awful disease. Now as American reopens and American’s fight to rebuild their lives, Senator Lindsey Graham is fighting to make things right by allowing Americans to sue the Chinese Government for the damage done by Corona virus.

“Now the time has come for us to put on the table new tools to deal with an old problem,” Graham said. “I cannot think of a more compelling idea than to allow individual Americans, or groups of Americans, to bring lawsuits against a culprit — the Chinese government — for the damage done to their family, to our economy and to the psyche of our nation.”

With Graham’s help the Senate will vote to Amend the 1976 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, removing China’s Immunity from Corona Virus lawsuits filed in American Courts. While Democrats like Dianne Feinstein of California raised doubts about the process saying, “How can China be held responsible for decisions the federal and state governments are making now?”, Senator Graham is moving forward to make sure American’s get their day in Court. Americans need “as many levers to get China to change” Graham said, that’s why he and President Trump are standing up to China.

Lindsey Graham is Standing up to China, and Conservatives should Stand with Lindsey Graham! If you’re ready to see China held accountable, add your name to this petition:

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