Graham Opposes Defunding Police Departments

Now is the time for thoughtful action, not left-wing fantasies like defunding the police, that is why Senator Lindsey Graham is opposing Democrats efforts against Law Enforcement. 

“I appreciate our law enforcement community, the goal is to reform the police, not defund the police.” Senator Graham supports efforts to reform law enforcement agencies,

“I’m going to have a hearing on policing and race. Hopefully out of that we can find some solutions to our problems. One solution I categorically reject is defunding the police.” Senator Graham announced he will be holding hearings on June 16th to discuss policing in the United States, “What happed to Mr. Floyd was an outrage. And it’s time to have a… not only a conversation… but bring about change.” – Lindsey Graham

Conservatives should support Law Enforcement, Individual Liberty, and Senator Lindsey Graham as he works to lead real reforms and fight left wing reactionaries!

If you still support America’s law enforcement officers, add your name to this petition to let them know you have their back!

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