Watch: Lindsey Graham Slams the Illegitimate Impeachment proceedings!

“Abuse of power? If you’re looking for it my Democratic colleagues, look in the mirror!”

Despite enormous public disapproval of the impeachment proceedings, the Democrats in the House have continued peddling their false narratives in hopes of removing President Trump from office, but those hopes will soon be crushed when the impeachment process reaches the Senate. Senator Lindsey Graham has no desire to string the sham impeachment out any longer than it has to be, stating that he will end the impeachment proceedings as soon as possible for the good of the country!

Senator Graham realizes that this political sham has gone on far too long already, if you agree, and are ready to end the impeachment circus, sign this petition today to let leadership in congress know that you have had enough!

3 thoughts on “Watch: Lindsey Graham Slams the Illegitimate Impeachment proceedings!

  1. I am sick and tired of the massive abuse of justice and the actions of the Democrat party, this is nothing more then a “Political Partisan Coup” and an act of treason to destroy the voters and take full power of our country and government, and if that happens I hope the American military steps in……

  2. Tired of our tax dollars being wasted by the Democrats. We voted him in….,get back to work on making our country prosperous. Quit thinking of your own personal interests.

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