Fake News: Jaime Harrison manufactures story about Republican Supporter

Senator Lindsey Graham’s 2020 Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison posted a video to his twitter account earlier this week sharing the story of one of his supporters- Travis Goodwin from Greenville.

In the video Goodwin claims to be a “Registered Republican” who thinks Jaime Harrison is such great candidate that he left his conservative values behind to support Graham’s challenger. If true, this would signify that Harrison is pulling votes away from Senator Graham ahead of the 2020 election. But there are a few problems with this story:

  1. Party registration doesn’t exist in the state of South Carolina, making it impossible that Travis Goodwin could be a “registered Republican” as he claims to be.
  2. Travis Goodwin hasn’t voted in a Republican primary in the state of South Carolina since 2012, however he did vote in the 2018 Democratic party, proving that his flop from the Republican party did not happen recently or as a result of Jaime Harrison’s candidacy!

Harrison and his campaign team intentionally misrepresented this story to make it look like he is pulling Republican voters away from Lindsey Graham, when in reality all that he is doing is pushing Fake News on the people of South Carolina!

Jaime Harrison claims that he represents the people of the Palmetto State better than Senator Lindsey Graham, but if that were true then why is he having such a hard time raising money in South Carolina compared to the liberal stronghold of California?

“South Carolina donors were the second-highest source of money for Harrison in this year’s third fundraising quarter, giving just over $156,000, but Harrison’s home state made up less than 18% of total contributions over $200, underscoring Harrison’s need to look elsewhere for funds.

The most lucrative state for Harrison during the same period was California, where he took in $296,094.”


Don’t let Jaime Harrison use his fake news and liberal money to influence our elections! Fight back with a donation to Security is Strength PAC and ensure that South Carolina remains in good hands!

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