The #MeToo movement to end sexual assault has support from the media whenever accusations are made toward conservatives or Republicans. In those cases, the accusers are presumed to be telling the truth. But whenever allegations are made toward those who vote Democrat, the media and Democrat leaders are nowhere to be found.

Jaime Harrison is one of those Democrat politicians who seems to only believe sexual assault allegations if they are made against conservatives. As Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault by Joe Biden from her time as a Senate aid in his office in the 90’s have resurfaced, Harrison is nowhere to be found.

While some Democrat politicians have already come out and said Joe Biden is innocent (without proof), Harrison is taking the easy way out: silence. He’s dodging questions about Reade’s allegations, and refusing to even comment on the very important news.

Harrison’s silence is deafening from someone who considers himself to be an avid supporter of the #MeToo movement. The longer Jaime Harrison stays hush about Biden’s sexual assault allegations, the more it becomes obvious his #MeToo badge was nothing but a PR stunt to win cheap political points from the DNC.

Harrison did have something to say about Biden last week, but it was nothing to do with the allegations. He instead expressed his admiration for Biden, and how much ‘better’ things would be if Sleepy Joe was in charge.

“He’s trying to be a sense of calm in this really great storm that we have.” said Harrison in an interview with BBC last week. Comparing himself to Nostradomus, the South Carolina Democrat Senate candidate predicted Lindsey Graham’s defeat, as well as President Trump’s in South Carolina and nationwide.

Jaime Harrison may be staying silent for a certain reason. The DNC and Democrat big money donors from out of state are funneling money into Harrison’s campaign. He outraised Lindsey Graham by $1.8 million in the first quarter of 2020. Attempting to buy the Senate seat, Harrison “has the backing of several big-dollar fundraisers.”

When it comes to supporting sexual assault accusers, Jaime Harrison has to first check his wallet. How can we let someone with zero integrity or shame represent South Carolina in the U.S. Senate? Senator Lindsey Graham has stood by President Trump time and time again. He’s also stood up for respect and morals!

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