Lindsey Graham Pushes the Senate to Hold China Accountable

Conservatives know China is no friend of the United States. From trade and technology to the Wuhan Virus, China’s actions have been reprehensible.

Now the Chinese Government in Hong Kong is attempting to further undermine Democracy, by amending its Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. Changing this law in Hong Kong will streamline the Communist government’s extraditions of protestors back to the mainland. 

Today Senator Graham has put his foot down, opposing China’s “heavy-handed” efforts to extradite residents of Hong Kong. Senator Graham and the Trump Administration are opposed to this Chinese power grab in Hong Kong and you should be to.

Stand with Senator Lindsey Graham and help America stand up to the Communist bullies in China.

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One thought on “Lindsey Graham Pushes the Senate to Hold China Accountable

  1. China had this planned I believe to get back at pur President to try and cost him the election. They must be held Accountable

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