The DC swamp’s pick for South Carolina and former lobbyist Jaime Harrison recently ran an ad that attacked both Lindsey Graham and third-party candidate Bill Bledsoe.

After Harrison’s ad hypocritically attacked Senator Graham for serving “special interests”, it claimed that Dr. Bill Bledsoe is too conservative for South Carolina. Bledsoe dropped out of the race in October and he has since endorsed Lindsey Graham.

“Lindsey Graham’s changed after 25 years in Washington and millions in special interests, but beware, right-wing Constitution Party candidate Dr. Bill Bledsoe is also on the ballot,” the ad states. “Bledsoe opposes all abortions and Bledsoe supported Trump from day one. Bledsoe believes any gun control law infringes on the Second Amendment.”

It is clear that Jaime Harrison is trying to trick voters into being skeptical of Senator Graham and Dr. Bledsoe, and instead, vote left-wing.

When asked about the ad, Bledsoe stated that Harrison’s “intentions are obvious to get an unknown democrat elected, and replace and get Senator Lindsey Graham out so there will be no more federal judges.”

The deceptive ad is the latest in Jaime Harrison’s desperate attempts to remove Senator Graham from office. Harrison has already taken millions of out-of-state funding. What more will he do in his grab for power?

South Carolina deserves a candidate who will truly represents the people – a candidate who has proven that they will work hard for their state.

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