Jaime Harrison: ‘We Shouldn’t Blame Anybody’ for the Onset of COVID-19

During an Oct. 3 debate with Senator Lindsey Graham, Jaime Harrison said that “we shouldn’t blame anybody for the inception of this disease,” when answering a question about the coronavirus.

Harrison already has a history of being soft on China. He spent several years as a lobbyist for Podesta Group, whose clients included a Chinese propaganda organization and a company that illegally gave American military software to China.

On the contrary, Senator Lindsey Graham used his debate time to reassure viewers that he is fighting against the toxicity of communist China.

“The virus is a problem that came out of China, not Trump tower,” Senator Graham said, after being asked about the politicization of COVID-19.

“I’ve supported legislation that increased unemployment benefits…” he continued. “I’ve been trying to get our PPE – the masks (and) gloves that were all in China – back in America and let American textural companies make it here at home, so we’re not so dependent.”

Senator Graham has stood up to China before, along with President Trump, as they both opposed China’s extradition of Hong Kong residents.

Jaime Harrison has a contentious history with China, and he can’t be trusted to fight for the interests of South Carolina or America as a whole.

Leaders like Lindsey Graham are actively pushing back against China and fighting for the prosperity of American people. Show your support for Senator Graham by donating to Security is Strength today!

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