Left wing groups attack Lindsey Graham over support for Trump

Left- Wing “activist” group American Democracy Legal Fund has asked the Senate Ethics Committee to launch an investigation into Lindsey Graham’s stance on the impeachment proceedings being led by Democrats in the House.

The ADLF claims that Senator Graham is acting unethically by commenting on the lack of process in the House impeachment proceedings as well as the overall lack of evidence against President Trump.

This investigation that ADLF wants into Graham is baseless and unfounded. For starters, Graham and his colleagues in the Senate have been denied the chance to take action one way or another on the articles of impeachment because Nancy Pelosi refuses to send the articles to the Senate for review!

Even if Nancy Pelosi did send the articles of impeachment on to the Senate, Graham’s comments are far from unethical, in fact, Senator Graham is just pointing out what everybody in America can already see: Trump did nothing wrong, and the impeachment process in the House was an absolute sham that deserves no credibility!

If the ADLF was truly concerned with ETHICS and not just attacking Conservatives, maybe they should start looking at the top of the Democratic leadership in the House, where an unconstitutional impeachment process was rushed through committees and voted on without giving Republicans a chance to intervene with facts and testimony that would have proven what a sham the whole thing actually was!

The American Democracy Legal Fund doesn’t care about ethics, all they are are trying to accomplish is an attack on Senator Lindsey Graham for speaking the truth and standing up for our President!

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