This past weekend, Senator Lindsey Graham held a rally in Aiken as part of his “Get It Done” tour, promising voters more successful leadership following the election.

Senator Graham encouraged voters to re-elect President Trump and assure them of four more years of “picking judges,” “tax cuts,” “keeping the military strong” and “killing the terrorists instead of appeasing the terrorists.”

“I’ve never felt better about the election than I do right now,” Senator Graham said after the rally. “I’ve had a lot of money spent against me, but the ground game in Aiken County, we’ve got a really good Republican party here…”

Senator Graham also reinforced his support for police and said that he is “proudly pro-life.”

“You know why I think [Jaime Harrison] is going to fall short?” Graham said. “Because if you think Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are an inspiration to you, you’re in the wrong state.”

For years, Senator Graham has fought for South Carolina and the nation as a whole. His recent hard work has helped confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and expose the left for their witch hunt against President Trump.

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