The impeachment sham finally came to a close Wednesday, as the Senate voted to acquit President Trump on both charges of impeachment. The results Wednesday show a full exoneration of the President of any wrongdoing.

Senator Lindsey Graham has been a fierce defender of the President through the entire trial. In a series of tweets Wednesday, he outlined his case for acquittal.

“This partisan-driven impeachment has done injury to the office of the presidency and was an injustice to President Trump,” said Graham. “Unfortunately, I doubt my Democratic colleagues, who are being driven by unlimited hatred of President Trump, have the ability to move on.”

“The President was acquitted today by the Senate and will be exonerated by the American people in November when he is reelected to a 2nd term.”

The acquittal was a near unanimous vote among party lines, with only traitor Mitt Romney being the only Republican to vote to convict the President. It was a bad decision for Mitt, as new approval ratings for the president show the president with his highest ratings since he took off. President Trump was also coming off a stellar State of the Union speech.

It was a speech that House Speaker and professional tantrum thrower Nancy Pelosi decided to rip up. Confusing it for the Constitution, Pelosi shredded Trump’s speech as soon as it ended. Lindsey Graham wasn’t going to let Pelosi get away with such a disgraceful act.

“To @SpeakerPelosi: You can tear up the speech, but you can’t tear up the accomplishments [of the President].” said Graham in a tweet Wednesday.

Throughout the impeachment process Lindsey Graham has suggested that once it is concluded, the Senate will take on a full investigation into Hunter Biden. His own Senate Intelligence committee will be taking a look into the former Vice President’s son, who cashed in by being on the board of a shady Ukrainian natural gas company.

There is no doubt through this entire impeachment process that Senator Lindsey Graham has had the back of President Trump. Show you have Trump’s back by signing this petition to join millions of other Americans who have supported our President through this sham!