Senator Lindsey Graham has stated that he supports Joseph Dawson’s nomination for a seat on the federal District Court of South Carolina bench.

President Trump officially nominated Dawson, who is currently county attorney for Charleston County, on October 23. Dawson was first nominated by Lindsey Graham’s republican colleague, Senator Tim Scott.

“He has led a consequential life representing the people of Charleston during his time as county attorney,” Senator Graham said about Dawson. “I think he is well prepared to serve on the court and as Senator Tim Scott noted in his introduction, he would be the only African American man serving as a federal judge in South Carolina. I look forward to working with Senator Scott to see this through.”

This week, Dawson had testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Senator Graham is chairman.

Lindsey Graham’s support of Joseph Dawson is another example of his endless work to do what’s best for South Carolina. Senator Graham has worked with President Trump to bring more qualified judges to our courts, the most significant example being Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

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