In a recent interview with “Fox & Friends”, Senator Lindsey Graham talked about Joe Biden, saying that Biden will “do whatever he is told by the left” when it comes to court-packing.

Graham highlighted that the left has taken control of the Democratic Party. He mentioned that this was made clear after the attacks on Dianne Feinstein when she spoke kindly about him following Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing.

“Look what happened to her,” Senator Graham said. “When we hugged for about five seconds, the entire left came down on her, wants to kick her out of her job, so, here is what Joe Biden is going to do: live in fear of these people.”

The senator was speaking about Biden’s shady language around whether or not he would expand the Supreme Court if Democrats win the presidency and Senate. The expansion could then be used to establish a liberal majority.

“Can you imagine what [the left] would do to anybody that voted for Barrett? Can you imagine what they would do to Biden if he didn’t adopt their agenda?” Senator Graham added. “This is a dangerous moment in American politics, the radical left has taken over, they’re trying to take me out.”

Despite the left’s goals, and thanks to Senator Graham’s leadership, Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been successfully confirmed to the Supreme Court. Senator Graham’s hard work has ensured that conservative voices will continue to be in Washington.

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