NBA Bends to Communist China

Between protesting Old Glory or refusing to go to the White House, The National Basketball Association is always finding itself in a new controversy. It puts NBA commissioner Adam Silver on the hotseat, and he is again facing major criticism. China is furious that Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey criticized the regime in a tweet, prompting Silver to make up a sob story so the NBA didn’t lose money.

On Friday, Daryl Morey tweeted an image that said, “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” Over a million citizens of Hong Kong have been protesting for the past five months over China harshly imposing its communist system on the capitalistic city of Hong Kong. So far, China has been unsuccessful in keeping the pro-democracy movement silent.

Commissioner Adam Silver issued an extensive apology immediately after the tweet, calling Morey’s tweet “regrettable.” The NBA has a huge following in China, and has been trying to cash in on the Chinese market for years. China was furious with Morey’s tweet, cutting all ties with the Houston Rockets.

Before Morey could be painted into a brave voice in an otherwise embarrassing league, he deleted his tweet and apologized. Morey did note he had the freedom of speech, but ultimately said his tweet should never have been sent. The money hungry NBA is afraid of any backlash from China.

Adam Silver and the NBA pulled the all-star game out of Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017 because of a newly passed bill that said men have to use the men’s bathroom and women have to use the women’s bathrooms. The liberals that run the NBA had their minds explode when they heard common sense was being enforced in North Carolina, but have no problem excusing the atrocities that China is getting away with everyday.

China told the NBA to sit down and shut up when they found out about the Morey tweet, and the NBA proceeded to get on their knees and beg for forgiveness. Adam Silver should be ashamed of himself for denouncing free speech. If you agree that the NBA is a spineless organization that is only in it for the money, sign our petition today!

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