Recap: A Big Week for Senator Graham!

Senator Graham was busy last week getting things done for us in Washington. He led the confirmation effort for Attorney General William Barr, shepherded new judges through the Judiciary Committee, and supported critical efforts to help President Trump fund the wall!

Take a look at some of the recent headlines:

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Senator Graham has been one of the strongest voices supporting President Trump’s effort to secure our border. In case you missed it, take a look at his Fox News appearance with Shannon Bream last week:

Senator Graham: “The President should declare a national emergency – because it is – and let the Democrats argue that it’s not; talk about why they don’t want to secure the border and we do… it is a legitimate national security issue.”

As the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Graham helped confirm William Barr as our next Attorney General and attended his swearing-in ceremony in the Oval Office.

There’s a lot going on in Washington, so we wanted to be sure you saw some of the highlights.

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