South Carolina’s Trump Supporters Show Nancy A Well-Deserved Welcome

Nancy Pelosi arrived in South Carolina, hoping to be welcomed as the keynote speaker for the South Carolina Democratic party’s fundraiser dinner.

But the American patriots quickly showed her she set foot in Trump Country — and gave her the appropriate welcome.

To her surprise, crowds lined the streets with “Impeach Pelosi” signs and Trump-Pence 2020 banners. The deplorables won’t go down without a fight, and Nancy isn’t going to win this battle.

The South Carolina Republican Party tweeted: “Thank you to Nancy Pelosi for coming to South Carolina to remind everyone how extreme the Democrats are. Everyone here can’t wait to get to the ballot box and re-elect President @realDonaldTrump in 2020!”

Nancy Pelosi is hoping to get rid of President Trump the easy way — by voting to “impeach” him in the radical Democratic-led House. The USA overwhelmingly voted for Trump to be our President — Nancy is mistaken if she thinks a House vote can challenge the power of the American people’s vote!

Nancy knows the Democrats’ radical agenda won’t be welcomed back in South Carolina again. Let’s show Nancy the entire country is TRUMP COUNTRY — she’s messed with the wrong Deplorables.

Keep the liberals out of Trump Country! Donate today to make sure Nancy knows your state will STAY RED in 2020.

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