For Immediate Release

October 16, 2020

(Columbia, SC) – Security Is Strength PAC has announced a new round of advertising in the final weeks of the South Carolina U.S. Senate race. This continues previous advertising highlighting Jaime Harrison’s ties to radical far left groups like that want to defund the police.

The ad features Greenville County Sheriff, Hobart Lewis, talking about the rioting, looting, chaos and dangers of electing Jaime Harrison. The Sheriff states, “Harrison stands with the radicals who want to defund the police and he’d be another vote for Chuck Schumer and the liberals.” The Sheriff continues, “Jaime Harrison has zero experience and dangerous ideas. Come on, that’s not what South Carolina needs.” The Sheriff concludes, “We need real experience and support for law enforcement. We need Senator Lindsey Graham to keep our communities safe.”

See the new ad, “Come On” at:

The television ad will run on broadcast, cable and satellite systems across the state in every media market and is backed with additional spending on digital, direct mail and door to door canvasing to 100,000 targeted households. In total, spending on the ad and supporting communications is $2.4 million. With this ad flight and planned future activities, Security is Strength PAC is on track to spend more than $10 million in the month leading up to Election Day.

Security Is Strength PAC was formed to highlight Senator Lindsey Graham’s commitment to keeping South Carolinians safe, secure, and prosperous and is the only Super PAC solely dedicated to re-electing Lindsey Graham to the U.S. Senate.