Security is Strength PAC Releases New TV Ad “Crazy to Me”

(Columbia, SC) – Security Is Strength PAC released their latest television ad in the South Carolina U.S. Senate race.The ad will air on broadcast television in Greenville-Spartanburg, Columbia, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach-Florence, statewide on cable and satellite systems. The television ad is backed with more than $800,000 and supporting mail and digital advertising will result in more than $1,000,000 in total spending.

In the ad, Anna Coleman, a mother and teacher in South Carolina, talks about the concerns she has for her safety and the safety of her community if Jaime Harrison gets elected.


“I want my family to be safe, I want my community to be safe,” said Anna Coleman. “Jamie Harrison is part of this liberal culture; that is tearing our country apart. His party won’t stand up to the burning and looting of our cities. They want to defund the police. I mean ‘defund the police?’ That’s just crazy. So there’s just no way I can vote for Jaime Harrison.”


Security Is Strength PAC was formed to highlight Senator Lindsey Graham’s commitment to keeping South Carolinians safe, secure, and prosperous and is the only Super PAC solely dedicated to re-electing Lindsey Graham to the U.S. Senate.

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