Sen. Graham: “It’s not right House Democrats helped the Whistleblower against President Trump”

In response to the news that Democrats had previous, exclusive knowledge of the whistleblower’s complaint against President Trump, Chairman Graham said on Twitter: “It’s not right Democrats in the House helped the whistleblower prepare their complaint.”

This is a tried and true coordinated effort to take down President Trump. Nancy Pelosi slipped up on 60 minutes in saying she knew the details of the classified Ukraine call before the White House had even released the transcript. Then, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s spokesperson said the White House whistleblower had reached out to the committee prior to filing a complaint. Yet, Schiff had already denied any communication with the whistleblower. It’s clear the Democrats can’t even play their own game right — the American people can see right through their sham.

It’s crossing the line for House Democrats to hide investigation information from House Republicans. Senator Graham added, “House Republicans should have the ability to find out ALL THOSE involved in providing information to the whistleblower. The whistleblower must disclose individual(s) they received information from so their biases — if any — will be disclosed.” He asked, “Who were these people? What were they up to?”

House Democrats are elected officials with the duty of upholding our laws, meanwhile they’re acting in part of a secretive takedown scheme against the President. We’ve never seen anything like this before! Democrats in Congress will do anything to win the impeachment inquiry, because they know America will never support their radical agenda in 2020.

They’ve even brought forward more voices to try to convince America of their credibility. Sound orchestrated? Chairman Graham isn’t buying it either: “When it comes to “more whistleblowers coming forward”…..I’ve seen this movie before — with Brett Kavanaugh. More and more doesn’t mean better or reliable.”

Congressional Republicans and the American people have the right to know who is feeding these whistleblower rumors. It’s anti-democratic for one party to withhold this information from another, meanwhile insisting it’s all true.

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