Lindsey Graham will Shut Down Impeachment Effort in the Senate

House Democrats voted on Wednesday to pass two articles of impeachment against President Trump. A damning day for Democrats, as history will look back on the impeachment as nothing but a partisan sham. Now, the investigation moves on to the Senate on whether to convict and remove President Trump from office.

Lindsey Graham, who will be one of the jurors in the impeachment trial, has already came out and announced he won’t be complying with the Democrats’ partisan witch hunt.

Graham tweeted Wednesday evening.

“The impeachment Articles passed by the House of Representatives will meet a quick demise in the Senate.”

Graham doesn’t plan to let the Democrats have the trial they want. The House was able to get away with murder, but the Senate plans to be much more fair to President Trump.

“Contrary to what @SpeakerPelosi said today — that President @realdonaldtrump gave Democrats no choice but to impeach  — THE SQUAD and liberal mob gave Pelosi  NO CHOICE. What does it mean? President Trump is more likely to be re-elected and the House is in play for 2020!”

No senator has had Trump’s back more than Lindsey Graham. He has proven over and over he is a proud deplorable, and that he isn’t afraid to shut down the Democratic machine. Stand with President Trump through this trying time – sign this petition if you have the President’s back!

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