Sign the Petition – Bring the Bidens to Justice!

“I’m not going to live in a country where the Trump family can be investigated for years, spend millions on legal fees, and the Democratic Vice President’s son takes $3 million dollars from the most corrupt gas company in the Ukraine and no one gives a damn! We’re not going to live in that country!”

Senator Lindsey Graham doesn’t want America to turn into a country where corrupt politicians like Joe Biden can secure millions for their family members, while the Democrats waste taxpayer money trying to undo a fair election!

If you agree, and don’t want to live in a country like that, add your name to this petition to support Senator Lindsey Graham’s calls to investigate the Bidens!

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4 thoughts on “Sign the Petition – Bring the Bidens to Justice!

  1. Thank you Senator Graham for being the point of the sword in these trying times. I trust your integrity and drive to do what is necessary to bring justice to the criminals hiding in the halls of government.

  2. Adam Schiff conspired with Eric Ciaramella and Sean Misko to carry out coup d’etat against President Trump. Paul Sperry article exposed the trio conspiring to take out Trump in Feb of 2017. These traitors think the American people are stupid. Pelosi and Nadler are just as responsible and should be investigated too. The whole impeachment process in the House was a one-sided scam. Adam Schiff is denying all access to Eric Ciaramella because he is deathly afraid Ciaramella will turn on him. Ciaramella is an Soros’ OSF Atlantic Council neophyte who is eager to please and gain Deep State operative status with the Elites in the Deep State Cabal. He will fold like a house of cards when presented the option of serving 30 years in jail for treason.

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