Sign the Petition – Bring the Bidens to Justice!

“I’m not going to live in a country where the Trump family can be investigated for years, spend millions on legal fees, and the Democratic Vice President’s son takes $3 million dollars from the most corrupt gas company in the Ukraine and no one gives a damn! We’re not going to live in that country!”

Senator Lindsey Graham doesn’t want America to turn into a country where corrupt politicians like Joe Biden can secure millions for their family members, while the Democrats waste taxpayer money trying to undo a fair election!

If you agree, and don’t want to live in a country like that, add your name to this petition to support Senator Lindsey Graham’s calls to investigate the Bidens!

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3 thoughts on “Sign the Petition – Bring the Bidens to Justice!

  1. Thank you Senator Graham for being the point of the sword in these trying times. I trust your integrity and drive to do what is necessary to bring justice to the criminals hiding in the halls of government.

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