Charleston-based The Post and Courier recently published an editorial that endorsed Senator Lindsey Graham and encouraged voters to give him another term.

The editorial begins by mentioning Senator Graham’s history of working well with both Republicans and Democrats.

“[Lindsey Graham] is a rare moderate member of the U.S. Senate who exemplified the notion that the art of compromise is a valuable tool in getting things done,” the article states. It later adds: “Senator Graham has deep knowledge on a range of issues, experience at finding solutions to complex problems and an ability to navigate choppy political waters.”

The editorial highlights Senator Graham and President Trump’s history of standing up to China, as well as Graham’s support of bringing the medical supply chain out of China and back to the U.S. during the COVID pandemic.

The Post and Courier also mentioned Senator Graham’s influence in securing funding for the deepening of Charleston Harbor, a crucial project as one in 10 jobs in South Carolina is connected to the harbor.

Since being elected to office, Lindsey Graham has fought tirelessly for South Carolina. The endorsement of the state’s largest newspaper only reaffirms the fact that his work has been in the best interests of South Carolina and the nation as a whole.

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