Jaime Harrison Sets S.C. Record for Quarterly Fundraising

Thanks to out-of-state donations from deep pocketed liberals, Democrat Jaime Harrison has raised a record-breaking amount of money for his Senate bid, nearly $14 million dollars this quarter alone. If $14 million dollars can buy a U.S Senate seat, what else can it buy? With Harrison’s help, Democrats will tear down the border wall, defund the police, and take away our gun rights! South Carolina can’t afford to send Jaime Harrison to Washington.

In politics, money talks but actions count. Senator Lindsey Graham knows the time for talk is over. He has led the way for South Carolinians in the Senate, fighting to keep our Country safe, reform the justice system, and protect the President from the partisan witch hunts being led by Jaime Harrison’s democrat friends.

Without Lindsey Graham, it will be that much harder for President Trump to put Conservatives like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. If Conservatives don’t act quickly, we could lose South Carolina and the U.S Senate to the Democrats. If you care about the President’s America First agenda, then the time to act is now:

Donate to Security is Strength PAC today to help us defeat Jaime Harrison and make sure President Trump keeps his closest ally in the Senate. Lindsey Graham stands with South Carolina, and South Carolina Conservatives must stand with Graham! Don’t let Democrats buy their way to the majority, Donate today!