Jaime Harrison – the Swamp’s Pick for South Carolina

Over the past month, Senator Lindsey Graham’s 2020 Democrat challenger Jaime Harrison has racked up endorsements from several of the DC swamp’s top cronies.

First, it was the far-left Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who vouched for Harrison.

Then Crooked Hillary Clinton announced she would be endorsing Harrison, who had spent years as a lobbyist at the firm of the Clinton’s longtime friend John Podesta.

And just this week, former president, and king of the swamp Barack Obama followed suit, mobilizing the Democrat party of high taxes and handouts behind his pick for South Carolina, Jaime Harrison.

For Senator Graham, one thing is certain – if your opponent is being endorsed by the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, then you are on the right side of history!

Don’t let Obama and the DC swamp tip the scales in South Carolina, show your support for Senator Graham and add your name to this petition if you plan to keep South Carolina on track in 2020:

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