Trump Extends Moratorium on Offshore Drilling and Praises Lindsey Graham

This week, President Trump announced he was extending and expanding the moratorium on offshore drilling in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, and praised Senator Lindsey Graham for his contributions.

Trump thanked Senator Graham during his announcement.

“This action follows close consultation with a man who everybody loves,” the president said. “He’s highly respected in Washington; he’s a great Senator … Lindsey liked the idea right from the beginning … Thank you, Lindsey.”

President Trump’s order will prevent oil and gas drilling off the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina until 2032. Senator Graham had led the efforts to extend the moratorium to South Carolina.

Both Senator Graham and President Trump have helped make tremendous strides in protecting our nation’s East Coast and acknowledging the concerns of the people.  

“What Trump is signaling in Florida is that ‘I understand your concerns about water quality,’” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell, “and for Floridians clean water means a healthy and prosperous economy, particularly because of tourism.”

Lindsey Graham has been working hard in Washington to make South Carolina even greater and with the extension of the moratorium, his efforts have paid off.

If you hope to see more strong leadership in Washington, show your support for Senator Graham with a secure donation today:

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